NVidia FX5200

By doomchamp
Sep 23, 2005
  1. Yo, I play CS:S and WoW, well used to. A few weeks ago, World of

    Warcraft released a patch and my video performance sense then has (pardon

    my french) Sucked. The game FPS has dropped from 90-100 to 5-20 FPS. I

    have stopped playing since then becuase it is completly unbearable.

    Well today, Steam decided to release a patch that 'Optimizes video

    performance' atleast whats what i heard, it very-well may NOT be true. So

    the installation of this update finishes and i pop into CS:S only to find that

    my FPS as been slashed again. I could run this game at 100 FPS with this

    card JUST YESTURDAY. It's now at 5-20 fps, similar to WoW. This is

    frustrating, the only games I am interested at all, and i dont want to have to

    stop playing CS, i can handle no WoW, the game is just crack anyways.

    -Deegz, Doom Champ.
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