nvidia gforce4 440mx se tv out not working help please!

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May 29, 2003
  1. I recently purchased an Nvidia gforce4 440mx se video card. I am having a problem getting the TV OUT to work at all. I have a normal analog TV and I am connecting to it using an svideo to rca converter and it is connected to the back of my TV rca aux. input. If I try to use dual view mode or clone mode all that happens is the TV kind of flickers like its getting a signal while the monitor goes black and displays the "Your moniter is working correctly" for a couple seconds and then returns to normal. And the screen never shows up on the TV. I also have a Voodoo3 with tv out and it works fine, so im sure that everything is connected properly. I tried purchasing a new nvidia card, but it does the same thing, so I'm pretty sure it's not the card. I also have the latest nvidia drivers installed. Are there any settings that would cause the tv out to not work properly? I am clueless here cause I thought it was pretty much staight forward to get it to work. When I installed the card I had the tv and monitor hooked up and I have also tried to connect the monitor first then shutdown and connect the tv and reboot. If anyone has any suggestions at all please post them cause I'm stuck in a rut here and would love to get out.

    Thanks for your help!
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    Hmm no one knows huh ;) Well, here's my findings. My Voodoo3 card came with an svideo to rca converter that works perfect for it and it only. I also have an nvidia geforce2 that came with a similar converter and it only works for it and it only. The two converters can only be be used for the cards they came with because when I try and switch them tvout won't work on either card. So, now here's my problem. I also have an nvidia geforce4 that never came with a converter and the two converter's I have will NOT work for it. I asked a radio shack guy and he said the converter they have (one of those gold 1 inch converters)probably wouldn't solve my problem. I'm thinking now that this IS what I need to get it to work and that the converter will make it work. So, now I'm contemplating on whether to go buy one to see. I hope this info will help anyone that has a similar problem and I'd like to get some feedback from some of you experts in this stuff if possible. Well, anyway I'm gonna go buy one and try it and I'll post back my findings.

  3. deer22

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    Well, after I bought a new converter, it worked "FINALLY" :) however it was in black and white :( I fixed this in display settings by checking the s-video out. Auto and composite did NOT work. Now I have a nice clear colorful picture on my TV, woohoo. Hope this helps some of you out! ;)
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    I have the same exact vid card but it's not SE. Actually, I thought you couldn't get the picture to the TV but you may want to play with settings anyway.

    Control Panel > Display > Settings > Advanced > GeForce 440MX
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    My first post..:). However, the question is that the problem at my place is that the screen stays black&white. You'd said that you could easily solve that at the s-video output at the settings of nVidia. I louked everywhere but i couldn't find it. Could you be please more helpful to tell where you changed those settings? Regards, Ruben
  6. XtR-X

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    Do you have all the software installed for doing this kind of thing? There may be some software that you need to install.

    Are your cables plugged in correctly?

    What you would want to do is select Clone in the GeForce 440MX place. Play with your Device Settings and Detect Display. Make sure the cord is already plugged in the TV first, then initiate double screen.

    There's also a Performance & Quality thing at the left in which you can chose performance with quality.
  7. XtR-X

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    Oh, also, welcome to TechSpot. :)
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