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Apr 15, 2006
  1. I have a very strange problem with my nvidia geforce 5200 graphics board.
    I recently formatted a new hard disk and reloaded all my software and drivers.
    After a week of normal operation I ended up with a blank screen on start up.
    I uninstalled the driver and re-installed . It worked again for about a week then a blank screen.
    Then I saw the onboard graphics (pro-savage)was still enabled so disabled that and again all was fine for about a week.
    So no matter what I do it works for a week only.
    I have the latest driver for winxp (66.93).
    I have a new hard disk and new RAM and everything else is ok.
    Any ideas?
  2. kirock

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    umm, 66.93 is like 3 yrs old. The current release is 81.98.
    I'm not saying this is the problem with it corrupting every week and most likely isn't the problem, but just FYI.

    Your problem could be a trojan or spyware, have you got protection and scanned for this? Does the on-baord video keep turning on each time you lose the 5200 output? Or was that a one time case? If yes then this could be a mobo failure, or if you're lucky a dieing CMOS battery (i.e. they're a buck or 2).

    Can you give us more info on your PC. Motherboard, CPU, #of HDD, optical drives (DVD, CD), the age and watts and make of the PSU. See if you can read the label on the side of the PSU and post here the 3.3, 5 and 12Volt amps.

  3. cbc

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    my response

    Thanks Kirock for the help.
    I downloaded the latest nvidia driver and ran Spybot .
    My PC is fine now for past 5 days so waiting to see what happens in next week or so . It usually failed after 7 or 8 days.
  4. wolexf

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    Can you post the driver for geforce 5200 to me cause i need it badly
  5. CrossFire851

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  6. kirock

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