Nvidia: People are paying $300 more when upgrading to RTX cards, 71% of gamers still use...

Called it before but confirming my call now: Next gen Nvidia will bump their prices 50 to 100% over Ampere's MSRP just because they can: 4060 will be a 500 USD class card, 4070 will be a 1000 USD class card and 4080 and beyond will be just something ridiculous like 1500 to 2000.

Why? Because he's not wrong: AMD's products on the high end were comparable sure, but still many months behind in feature parity on software with DLSS 2.0 and still far behind in Ray Tracing performance.

And on the mid tier? Well AMD already tried pushing up the base prices anyway with fairly mediocre cards like the 6600 and 6600 xt and Nvidia is right: A lot of people (myself included) if pushed would prefer to pay $500 for a 3060 than $500 for a 6600xt: performance for the 3060 it's not that far behind and even equal in some cases and you know that sadly, you can trust Nvidia far more when it comes to future driver support and performance patches as we've seen time and time again AMD's improvements on those areas are at best just catching up to Nvidia and not making anybody go "Boy this 3060 drivers are damn buggy I wish I had a 6600 instead" but well, the other way around.
I don't think they could afford to do that with how well AMD has sold this Gen plus besting Nvidia to MCM tech by a full year for the only true next Gen cards this year. No one cares about ray-tracing so not worth mentioning.
My last 4 GPUs have been AMD and I have had only one issue and it was many years ago.
It does seem like when they first launch a new card there are some issues for some people but I have had had zero problems for a long time now. Sure the ray tracing needs to catch up and it appears they they are working on that now. But all and all I think the whole AMD drivers stuff is really exaggerated.
It is. You can tell who has never owned one and is full of ****. Maybe was a thing years ago.
Techspot also has the pricing wrong. 3070ti lowest price this month is 699 from Newegg. Big drop that stayed in stock for quite awhile too as I got one myself.


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I don't think they could afford to do that with how well AMD has sold this Gen plus besting Nvidia to MCM tech by a full year for the only true next Gen cards this year. No one cares about ray-tracing so not worth mentioning.
Who says Nvidia didn't sold well this generation?

All those vast Eth farms are almost all Nvidia cards, they've sold *extremely well* and so far Eth is like a year behind schedule in this supposed "crash" everybody was predicting and even the people saying "NFTs will crash any day now" are basically still waiting so Eth is still going strong.

It's not pretty, but the mining craze has been going on for so long and it's so unlikely to completely go away that you pretty much have to consider it the new normal and from that stand point, yeah Nvidia still crushes AMD in total sales: All that matters to Nvidia share holders. Who cares about gamers at this point? If you're a billionaire invester you just don't.


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65" 4k screen has only 67.78 PPI, too low for a monitor. 75" 8k screen has 117.49 PPI, but I just can't imagine using it as a monitor, your neck would die from all the head turning :D.
not gonna lie, my neck did hurt for awhile but you get use to it. I have a 6' desk so I actually find myself moving from side to side to focus on whatever area I'm working in. And when I decided to got his route back in 2017, the lower DPI was acceptable. No regrets 5 years down the road. The other thing is that the display is so large that you sit further back. The lower DPI is still noticeable but it isn't as bad as you'd imagine.

part of me is considering going 85" or larger but I think 75" is realistically as large as is practical. I say this because my seating position on the 65" leaves my head slightly below center line on the screen. Any bigger and I'd have a lot of looking up to do.


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Would assume this is Nvidia laying the expectation for higher MSRP. An awful lot depends on their competitors though. AMD's next gen is expected to perform very well, and Intel could easily decide to break into the market by undercutting prices. Won't hold my breath, but I'm glad I held off the last two generations. They were far too expensive, and it hasn't been a great period for graphically demanding game releases anyway.
Nvidia and AMD can go jump off a cliff for letting this happen. I bought a used 1660 Super right before cards went haywire and the "better", newer ones are still too expensive for the minimal performance increase. I look at comparison videos and think why would I pay $400 on top of what mine costs for a whopping 1-5 FPS more. If they don't fix this soon people won't be buying new cards and they will lose 70% of their profits instead lowering prices and taking a small hit. Corporate greed has taken over almost every industry and it's showing. What a sad world we live in.