Nvidia System Sentinel (definitely not a PSU issue)

By Alexyboy123
Mar 28, 2007
  1. nvidia system sentinel has started to complain that my card is not receiving sufficient power and cutting the performance of my card. This is bull. I have a 7800GS+ and I replaced my psu a month ago with a Hiper 530Watt as I was getting the same issue with my old generic 360watt one. This seemed to have cured the problem as I haven’t received the message for at least a month. My Card idles at 54C and Peaks at about 65C so I don't think it’s a heat issue. I also don't have any overclocking going on either. I also tried several sets of drivers, both forceware and tweaked... all from clean (I used drivercleaner and manual deleted all the files it missed in the "system 32" folder and the "system32/driver folder" and used regsupreme 1.4 to clean my registry. Any ideas? of how to fix the problem or at least disable "nvidia system sentinel"
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