Nvidia's latest GPU bundle includes Ghostwire: Tokyo and Doom Eternal

Daniel Sims

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In brief: Nvidia has launched its first graphics card bundle of 2022, just as the GPU shortage seems to be subsiding. Including these free Bethesda Softworks games should make Nvidia's high-end Ampere GPUs more appealing to users looking to take advantage of recently falling prices and higher availability.

Nvidia says its latest bundle gives players four games with the purchase of an RTX 3080, 3080 Ti, 3090, 3090 Ti, or systems containing those cards. In reality, it's just two games and two expansions for one — Steam codes for Doom Eternal with both DLC packs and the recently released Ghostwire: Tokyo, a $120 value.

Doom Eternal initially launched in 2020, but an update in 2021 added ray tracing and Nvidia DLSS to the game. Ghostwire: Tokyo has included those features since its release this past March. Benchmarks show that both titles can get good-to-excellent performance with any of the cards in this promotion, even in 4K with ray tracing depending on the DLSS settings.

Acquiring these GPUs late last year would have been difficult and expensive, but now you can find them either at or close to MSRP. The lowest-tier eligible card --the 3080 --starts at $700. The promotion applies to purchases at Amazon, B&H, Canada Computers, Memory Express, Micro Center, Newegg (the US and Canada), and Central Computers.

Redeeming the free games requires users to install GeForce Experience after equipping a qualifying GPU, then entering the bundle code at Account > Redeem. Following the remaining instructions should add the games to your Steam account.

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Like clockwork as I predicted. Strange that the enthusiast tear is getting the biggest discount but high to mid tear not as much. ( Maybe due to flash prices coming down ). The drop in prices might not only be transitional, it should also be in waves, every 4000 series launch tear should cause another drop. The blood bath will be during Black Friday or when AMD launches 7000 series; when both Retailers and 2nd hand market will attempt to sell remaining stock to make way for next gen. Expect more game bundles and price drops.