Oakley and Ray-Ban frames coming to Google Glass


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Google won't just be positioning Glass as a wearable for tech enthusiasts: the company has announced a partnership with the world's largest eyewear company, Luxottica, to produce exclusive frames for Glass. The deal struck will focus on the United States...

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Whoa these look as awesome as the dump I took earlier, integrate it properly dont superglue it onto your glasses.... its definately not work the extra cash when superglue costs just $1 save yourself $99-$199 by buying some superglue and supergluing some glasses onto your glass.


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You know, none of these styles besides the default sounds appealing right now as far as eye-wear is concerned at least.

Can't we just have it look like a scouter :p


I agree with wastedkill. These things look terrible. I think the only ones that looked okay was that one company who was working on glasses where everything was integrated right into them. Not sure I would buy it but it looked the best so far.


Instead of models to show off their glasses, why don't they use wizards.


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Whoa... awesome looking glasses if you don't mind looking like a fool. I'll jump on the Google glasses bandwagon when they make the module small enough to fit on contact lenses, until then I'm out.