oblivion help on xbox 360

By swifttheif07
Apr 2, 2007
  1. im level 9 and i cant get my level conjuration up coz its only 10 and i dont have enogh magicka can some1 help me plz
  2. DaveBoard

    DaveBoard TS Rookie

    Hey swift, I have got Oblivion on the 360, never had that sort of problem though. Only thing I can think that might help you is go to the congeration trainer. I can't remember where he is at, I think Skingrad but dont quote me on that. What you'd probably have to do is go to him, learn the 5 levels he can teach you, level up your character level by increasing your major skills, i.e. fighting with blade or blunt. Your major skills depend on the class you have chosen and the star your born under and all those things (I think).

    Once you've leveled up your character level, sleep, then go back to the congeration trainer and do it again. When you sleep, and you get to raise your stats, I would concentrate on increasing the stats that help your mana, (intellegance).

    OR, Re-roll. If you want to play a character that uses a lot of magic, it might be better to re-start the game, and choose your class more specifically to a caster based character. From the sounds of it, you are possibly playing a character who is more perficiant with blade/blunt, strength and fighting and not so much with magic?

    Sounds like a real pain to re-start I know, but somtimes its worth it, I played on the PC some before getting it on the 360, and from playing on the PC I learnt a few things I didnt like, and some I did, so when I made my character on the 360 I was able to choose somthing I would enjoy playing more...i.e. a Battle Mage :)
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