Oblivion - I lost all my stuff - Help!!

By LoganHDL
Jun 3, 2006
  1. I'm playing Oblivion on the PC. I had too much stuff so I place all my items in a chest in the mages guild. When I came back they were gone. I had some things in there that I need to complete quests. Does anyone know if I can get my stuff back or do I need to start over???? Also if I cant use chests where is a safe place to store items so that I dont have to carry everything.

  2. Dennis_84

    Dennis_84 TS Rookie Posts: 101

    You cannot store any of your stuff in any chest or cabinet. If you do, it'll be there for few hours then it'll dissappear. If you take anything from chest and put it back in the same chest it'll be there all the time, but if you put something new in it it won't be there after few hours. If you want to store all your stuff, you can store them at cloud rular temple or in your own house that you bought. But don't store them in any chest or cabinet, just drop them on the floor and you can move them with thet Z button. I have played the game over 100 hours and I have tons of stuff at cloud rular temple in the armory room, and they never dissappear from there.

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    I feel sorry for thet guy. i wonder what he was thinking when he put all his precious belongings in that chest.lol
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