Oblivion stuffed up my sound ?

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May 9, 2007
  1. Well, I was playing Oblivion the other day when it suddenly crashed and I got the BSOD. So, I restarted and realized that the sound no longer worked.

    I used Everest to find out that my sound card is "Realtek HD Audio output".
    I've tried installing two new drivers, Device Manager shows no problems ( and didn't prior to the new drivers being installed ).

    I see no reason why the speaker system itself would be damaged seeing as it worked perfectly prior to the crash, and then not at all after the crash.

    Volume is turned all the way up, it's not muted, all cables are intact and properly connected. I think I've said all I can say about the problem, and I sincerely hope you guys can help me out with this.
  2. Deathhawk

    Deathhawk TS Rookie Posts: 68

    You may have corrupted something during the crash...if you have tried the audio and it still does not work..i would reinstall your motherboard chipset driver...reboot your pc..then reinstall the audio driver..see how that goes
  3. Tmagic650

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    It does sound like a hardware conflict. What are your system specs? Video, memory, CPU?
  4. DpG

    DpG TS Rookie

    I have downloaded the SiS 7012 PCI Audio Drivers but when i try to run the install program it pops up with 2 error messages. The first one just says <Update Driver for plug and play devices -536870397 and the second one says "Failed to install audio driver for windows Xp. Setup will exit"

    Am i trying to install the wrong drivers or do i need to do something before i can install them?

    pls help.. i been tryin to fix this for last 6 days
  5. Ruben

    Ruben TS Rookie Posts: 100

    dodgy stuff.

    If you have enough space create another partiction and install second copy of Windows.

    Or get an inexpensive PCI or USB sound card for gaming.
  6. Deathhawk

    Deathhawk TS Rookie Posts: 68

    If you do have a corrupt driver, you MUST install the motherboard chipset 1st..this entails that any further drivers are configured correctly

    Here is a good program to get your motherboard and chipset details...on the 1st page as the program opens...if you need help post back with those details


    Dont forget...once you install the chipset you MUST reboot so that the pc configures its new hardware...then you can reinstall the audio driver
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