Oblivion: Thieves Guild Problem?

By Zaerchron
Jul 22, 2006
  1. I have completed the "Turning a Blind Eye" quest for the Gray Fox, and i was instructed to wait for Amusei to fetch me for the next quest after reaching 700+ gold. I have fenced over 1000 gold, and nothing is happening. I have waited for days, and weeks, and probably over a month has gone by and Amusei still hasn't come. In my quest log, it says the quest is current, but when I open it, after the part where it tells me about the Gray Fox aquiring the stone for a mysterious reason, and for me to wait for his next call, there is some random message about how the blind monks go blind from reading the elder scrolls, and that after retirement they go to the catacombs / are experts of fighting in the dark. I am very confused as to why the quest hasn't been considered complete, and I've tried many things to fix it, i.e. aquiring the side note about "Nocturnals Cowl", which is the Gray Cowl, and trying to re-enter the tomb and exit, then talk to the Gray Fox. Nothing is happening, and I am getting very frustrated.
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