Oculus Rift secures $16 million in Series A round of funding

Shawn Knight

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The Oculus Rift is one step closer to a commercial launch as the company just announced their first round of funding to the tune of $16 million. Along with the announcement comes news that two investors have now joined the...

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I wonder if $16 million will pay for the release date I've always wanted!

They might as well buy the Omni Treadmill, and sell it as a set.


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It's good to see that this kind of tech is getting a lot of attention and funding.
You can also add CCP Games to the list of devs.


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Looks like you can pre-order development kits for $300. I wonder if that's an indication of what the full price will be to consumers when this becomes available? If this takes off future generations of this device would be amazing. I'd like to see headsets built in, room for eye glasses. But as-is, I think I'd still be an early adopter. It's taken to long to get good quality / low latency VR in the hands of conumers. And it's about time they do this!


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This could be the start of the next big thing in gaming. I hope Microsoft is taking notes because from what I read, their upcoming gaming console is looking as popular as a severe case of the clap.


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This will never be popular. Just look at the 3d glasses, they all have fallen down head first. People don't want an ugly thingamabob on their head.


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I have the dev kit, and its the most fun Ive had in years. However the controls will, untill resolved, be a show stopper. There will never be a phisical way to naturally control movment etc, without being restrained by some means.

Ture virtual realitly will only be when a matrix is upon us.