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Feb 11, 2002
  1. Is OCZ memory good? They seem to have higher memory speeds than most other companies, but has any one had any bad experiences with them? thanks

    Is it better than crucial?

  2. ToRN

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    I've just read in an article in CT (german well-respected magazine) that overclock memory is in most cases just garbage. You don't have real profits, at least not worth the extra money. I buy branded PC 2100 mem at CL 2.5 and just overclock the thing. Always worked (same for branded PC 100 running at PC133 and CL 2) If the mem is cheap, forget it then.

    Conclusion: don't worry if you already bought it, but it is not always worth ot (but it's still very good mem).
  3. Arris

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  4. Vehementi

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    Hmmm...I have OCZ Performance PC2700 DDR...And it's great...It wasn't cheap either, 256 MB of it was $70.
    DDR is SDRAM, right? I've heard DDR DRAM, DDR SDRAM, DDRAM...the list goes on...
  5. Ai Hate

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    ya. normal SDRAMs are Single Data Rate SDRAM.
  6. DarkGuarDN

    DarkGuarDN TS Rookie

    I've got OCZ Ram (PC-2700 CL2.5) and it works well. It was cheaper than other RAM too.
  7. boeingfixer

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    If you go to the micron page,


    You can look at their data sheets and buy memory that is overclockable for the same price as regular memory. Just make sure if you are buying it via internet or mail you wont be able to know what you have til you have it in your hands and decifer the code on the module.
  8. SuperCheetah

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    When buying OCZ memory you need to be really careful on who you get it from. Like Torn said, I've also heard that in some cases their memory is not any better than cheaper nonoverclocked memory.

    Personally I have 2 sticks of 256MB PC2100 Crucial memory set at CAS 2 and I have had no complaints so far! :)

    I have also seen guides like the one here at 3DS that shows small performance improvements, but not enough to justify paying an extra 20-30 bucks for a stick of OCZ for me anyways. If you have the money then I would say go for the OCZ, but if your thrifty like me then go get you a stick of Crucial and set the CAS to 2.
  9. DarkGuarDN

    DarkGuarDN TS Rookie

    OCZ more expensive than Crucial?

    I know when I bought my OCZ PC2700 ram chip, it was cheaper than a Crucial stick at PC2100. I don't know how it is now, but that's why I got the OCZ stick, cause it was cheaper and performs just as well. Here are my mem scores from PCMark2002: 3549
  10. chaplndave

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    I have some OCZ SDRAM that is supposed to be pretty good, but had a problem with an IWill KK266 motherboard that I got from them. I got it way back in October (started the process in July) and they were terrible to deal with. I contacted them several times and someone else had to get involved to help me solve the problem. The Overclockerz Store finally gave me an RMA and I send the mobo back to them...still have not heard anything from them and I sent it mid February. I guess I will have to write them a nasty email or try to find the email address to the president of the company. You know...they are the only company I have had any trouble with...and I buy a lot of gear through the internet. Beware if you are buying OCZ stuff...the stuff may be fine, but if you need customer support...forget it!!!
  11. DarkGuarDN

    DarkGuarDN TS Rookie

    OCZ and the Overclockerz Store are NOT the same company. I'll admit though, that most of the places that do sell OCZ stuff are a bit shady. I've bought three OCZ parts and haven't had too much trouble receiving them from the resellers. Hardcorecooling.com was a good place for me to buy the OCZ PC2700 ram from and they were good to deal with.
  12. chaplndave

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    I won a contest at Neoseeker which was sponsored by The Overclockerz Store. The contest ended in July, I didn't get my stuff until late October...then the problem and trying to get them to stand behind their product was...and is...impossible. I finally got an RMA and sent the motherboard back to them...that was in early/mid February and still have not heard a sound from them. I am beginning to wonder if I will ever get a mobo back.

    Oh...and did I mention that The Overclockerz Store changed hands in the meantime, but the new folks were no better than the old folks.
  13. DarkGuarDN

    DarkGuarDN TS Rookie

    dude... again... OCZ is NOT the OverClockerzStore. if you want more info, go to www.ocztech.com for info on OCZ products. If you've got beef with the Overclockerzstore then take it to them. cool? ;)
  14. chaplndave

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    AT the time I was told that The Overclockerz STore and OCZ were one in the same. Maybe that has changed...if it has then fine...but I am still upset about the way I was treated and am continuing to be treated. Your getting upset with me is no help at all.
  15. DarkGuarDN

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    sorry dude, but I'm not getting upset with you at all. I sympathize with what you're going through, but you keep writing about your experience with the overclockerzstore and that has nothing to do with the thread. OCZ has never been the OverClockerzStore. They only have a similar name.
  16. chaplndave

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    I just went back to check where I had been sending my email requesting that this matter be solved. Guess what...it was going to a guy at OCZ Tech and that is where I sent my motherboard to. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it is one and the same group. The Overclockerz Store was bought out...I believe by OCZ Tech.

    Thanks for the post. As of this writing I know I have been writing to OCZ Tech for resolution to this frustrating problem and I got the email address through a source at Neoseeker which held the contest in the first place. Wish things were different as you thought, but for now OCZ Tech seems to be the culprit.

    By the way, you wouldn't happen to have the email for their president do you? I would love to write him and try to get this thing resolved.
  17. DarkGuarDN

    DarkGuarDN TS Rookie

    I stand corrected then. I've read this in another forum and have been to the overclockerzstore site and I coulda sworn they were different. I also know that the overclockerzstore has been pretty bad* to people in the past. well, good luck with your problem. ;)

    *edited by moderator
  18. T-Shirt

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    I think that's really Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
  19. T-Shirt

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    and Double Data Rate-Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
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