ocz store... where is it?

By konman43
Apr 23, 2002
  1. i used to like ocz a lot. i fell for their buy two sticks of pc150 2/2/2 ram and get a free duron 600 oc to 900 thing. but when i had finished my computer, i stopped goin to their site. apparently it is there no longer. plz tell me if they have relocated or are totally out of business because i still see people reviewing thier monster cooler fan/heatsinks, and ram etc... i would like to buy some upgrades or a new comp, and just wanted to see what ocz had to offer.
  2. Julio Franco

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  3. konman43

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    yea thas prolly them... wow they look a lot bigger than i thought they were. at least from last year that is. no longer selling stuff on their own ic. koo.. thanks a bunch
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