Odd DVD Problem

By mrman1965
Feb 18, 2005
  1. I have got an odd DVD burning problem. I burn the DVD and can read it on the PC on which I create it, but when I try and read it on my laptop, it works fine as long as I dont let the disk spin down. If I leave it for about a minute or so, it just becomes unreadable. I can however ejected it and reinsert it and everything is back to normal. What the hell is going on? Any suggestions on what it might be? For the record, my burner is a RICOH 512 and the computer I am trying to read it on is an packard bell iPower with a Mat****a UJDA730 DVD/CDRW drive.
  2. Liquidlen

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    You don't state what O/S u use nor Authoring Software + ver.
    When you copy data to media that you want to read on other machines you must set the properties on the burner to ISO 1 is readable by the most varied machines .If you use packet writing software eg. INCD ; the other machine may need the reader availible at Nero.com .
    Keep in mind that the media brand itself can be a problem.
    Also DVD-r I have found reads on more varied machines.
    At any rate you could provide some more info and you will get more answers.
  3. mrman1965

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    Both machines are running windows XP. The burning software I am using is Nero version 6. I have tried using both ISO 9660 and ISO 9660 + joliet with the same results. I have also tried disabling multisession.

    Is there maybe some sort of software that keeps constantly accessing the DVD? This would fix the problem, though of course its not ideal, but if there is no one can come up with any other answer maybe thats what I will have to do.
  4. Liquidlen

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    Windows comes with it's own CD writing software , turn it off .
    Confirm in' Nero Infotool' that both ASPI layers are installed correctly .
    Check and make sure you have the latest Firmware for your Writers .
    Make sure you have the latest version of Nero 6.6+
    Turn off 'auto start/run' for your drives .
    If DMA is turned on then try with it off- or do the opposite.
    I have found XP can have some issues with Rom drives I will look to see if I can find them if you still have problems ,Post back .
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