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Jan 20, 2008
  1. I am having problems with my internet. If I use firefox I can connect to the internet just fine. I have also used AOL and can connect and surf webpages fine as well. So I have a working connection. The problem is about anything else. IE will not work at all. So my first reaction was to uninstall and reinstall. That didn't work. I went to diagnose connection problems and it says "Windows has detected a problem with the Winsock provider catalog on this computer. Would you like Windows to reset the catalog to the default configuration". I click yes and it says the computer needs to be restarted so I do that and I still have the same problem. The next problem is I can not get updates for any of my programs, such as AVG, it says it can not reach the server, same for several other programs. Or I can not play on Poker Stars because it can not get a connection. My Mom sometimes plays games on POGO and that will not work either. So my first reaction was it is a firewall issue. I completely removed Zone Alarm from my computer. I set exceptions with it and it didn't work so I just got rid of it all together. The next firewall was my router. Once again I tried setting exceptions that didn't work so I completely disabled that as well. Does anyone have any guess or suggestions? I wonder if it has anything to do with Winsock? Or if that is totally unrelated. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    I downloaded and ran the Winsock fix. I have AVG set to run daily and Adaware I run once a week. Neither of these have found anything out of the ordinary. But I cant get updates so I don't know how accurate they are currently. I then proceeded to run TrendMicro and it found some cookies. One adaware thing and thats it. The one thing that through me off was this "ms07-042 an error occurred while trying to retrieve more information about this vulnerability". Any ideas on what that means?
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    MS update to fix that error (download and install)

    But I'm still concerned about all the update issues

    Here's my recommendation (in other words, do this)

    1. Backup all important data (precaution only)
    2. Disconnect from Internet
    3. Fully remove AVG
    4. Locate your Windows CD (Here we go)
    5. Perform a system Repair on your computer
    6. Once Windows is fully Repaired, reconnect network
    7. Go to http://free.grisoft.com/doc/downloads-products/us/frt/0?prd=aff and re-download AVG
    8. Fully update AVG (3 times in a row)
    9. Run a full scan
    10. Do all Windows Security updates

    Then report back
    (about 3 hours work)
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    If you can get to SOME websites but not others, then your DNS settings are
    questionable OR the browser has (somehow) acquired bad options

    see this post for basic testing of your ISP connection
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    Thanks for the help I will work on this tonight and report back.
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    The computer gods have apparently frowned upon me. I uninstalled AVG, then went through with the system repair. I did the system install then chose repair. It went through, told me to eject disk and restart. So I did, when I restarted it went to the setup screen for Windows I didn't have any options so I figured thats how it was supposed to be. So it goes into the install and at the end asks for the coa key. Which I managed to lose cause I suck at life. So I am smashing my head on the keyboard now at this point but no big deal I can just turn off the computer go into my Windows and get the key. Wrong. I try to restart the computer with disk in drive or out of drive and it goes to setup screen again and again. So now what? I have the original disk that I bought from Frys, is the coa on the disk? Either outside or in a file in there? I also have the original package, I bought it oem so it is a manilla envelope with a bunch of microsoft stickers on it. I have the numbers:end item pn, carton no, printer id, label part no, internal part, work order no. There is also something that says coa barcodes but it is a 14 digit number so I know that isnt it. So now I need to know can I get the code off a disk, are any of the numbers that I listed useful in anyway? Can I get back to my desktop? If I get there is it possible to get my original coa? Can i reset the bios so it boots from my c drive and forgets this setup ever happened?
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    The 25 character key should be on the body of the computer somewhere.

    Let Microsoft tell you HERE
  9. beerabuser30

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    Update: I went through a bunch of crap with Microsoft but ended up with a new coa key. So problem solved there. Finished setup and it boots but then gives me the options of start in safe mode. So I select that and reboot and same thing. I have selected every option but get nothing but constant reboots. It just keeps bringing me back to that same damn screen. Any ideas yet?
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    Make sure all the plugged in devices (Printer; scanner camera, are out)

    Put the Xp CD back in and boot off that again
    Select Repair (this time it's the first R)
    Select 1 for Administrator
    On the command line type in chkdsk /r (chkdsk /? to show all options)
    Allow check disk to fully finish (hopefully repairing errors)
    Type exit

    Did it work ?

    If not, it's a Repair Windows again (something didn't load correctly - probably around the install key stage !)

    By the way, you say that Microsoft just gave you a new key, for free ? Without the sticker ?
  11. beerabuser30

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    I tried reinstalling everything went to crap, so I just reformatted and I am now reinstalling. I have the original cd so they got the part no off that and gave me a new cd key
  12. kimsland

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    Yes formatting cures all software faults, and sometimes it's quicker (well usually)

    Actually if you went to this extent, I would have removed the partition too.
    Now that's clean install
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