Odd Mobo Problem

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Mar 25, 2003
  1. Ok here is the deal.

    I just slapped in a Asus A7n266-c MObo in a case and I have a amd 1700 processor. All is fine and well. It boot up like it should intill I add a nic, or video card into it. It works if the cards are in and not screwed into the case, but as soon as I put the screw in it shorts out. Any suggestions?:knock:
  2. vassil3427

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    Are you sure the cards are properly seated when you screw them down? Strange problem...
  3. Arris

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    The cards being screwed down could possibly be pushing the motherboard down and shorting it against a motherboard mounting screw or other part of the case. I'd suggest removing the motherboard and testing it out of the case, or just removing it and remounting it in the case taking extra care to ensure there is nothing which could be shorting it out.
  4. Nodsu

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    Also screwing the cards in may tilt the cards so that they are no loger firmly seated in the slot.
  5. Nic

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    Try loosening the screws holding the mainboard, and then retighten with the cards screwed in. There is a little bit of play when the mainboard is fitted to the case. If you tightened the mainboard when it was located slightly more towards the rear of the case, then you may find that fitting any cards will cause sideways pressure to misalign them in their slots. This is a common problem, that I have seen before. It could also be caused be poor maufacturing tolerances of your particular PC case. If you have a removable mainboard tray (which isn't attached to the backplane - i.e. one that requires your cards to be removed prior to removing the tray), then you might also try loosening and retightening that also.
  6. tnred

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    Odd Mobo prob.

    Tried all your sugestions and nothing worked. I seemed to narrow it down to if I barly mess with seating of the nic card without it being screwed in, then it either shorts or runs... I have moved to the next pc in a different box, but the same setup. all is working well, but video card is a little flakey. So back to the drawing board!!! :)

    Thanks guys for all your help!!:p

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