OEM Audigy 2 and Logitech Z-680

By IanJohnson
Dec 27, 2003
  1. I'm not the first with this problem here, but I haven't found an answer..

    I have a Gateway which came with their OEM Audigy 2. I bought the Logitech Z-680 speakers to go with it, and read all the guides on how to get them to work together. I have a mini-RCA connecting the Audigy's digital out to the 680's coax in, etc. The 680's speaker test is fine, there are no cable issues, etc.

    My problem is I can't turn on the SPDIF pass-through because the AudioHQ that comes with Gateway's Audigy doesn't have a decoder tab (a problem they apparently share with Dell). As a result I only get Front L/R using the digital output. I would just use the mini pcm outputs and go 6 Direct, but when I do I get all channels BUT Front L/R.

    Does anyone know where I can find Creative's drivers for the Audigy 2? The website has only updates, nothing with the AudioHQ app.

    Could someone who has the retail Audigy 2 email me their AudioHQ folder?

    Has anyone been able to make the Audigy 2 work with the 680s using the analog outputs rather than the digital?

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