Office 2003 Missing Installation file IPXMLPIA.DLL

By DreamMate
Apr 15, 2006
  1. hello

    I just intalled my new windows nemesis titan 4 which has everything encluded.

    when I tried to uninstall the office2003 , an error message appear asking about file named ( IPXMLPIA.DLL ).

    I tried my best to get this file from anywhere, but no joy

    any help ?
  2. DreamMate

    DreamMate TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hi me

    I think it would be usful to let other experts know what I did to overcome this problem.

    just reinstall the windows system ( nemesis ) again , but this time do not select any software from the list appear just after windows installed.

    specially the Microsoft office 2003, try to install it from a nother CD or anything else but not the one encluded in the Win XP nemesis DVD.

    will try this nemesis for sometime ( then ) perhabs build my own windows-XP DVD DreamMate Edition :)
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