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Office Depot Network Deals

By tipstir
Mar 29, 2008
  1. I had printed out an online deal for Netgear 5-port switch for $9.99 FS605 v3. But I had to throw that away as the same switch was $4.99 including instant rebate so you pay $4.99 at checkout. I decided to drop that deal and go for the FS608 v3 8-port switch was only $19.99 including instant rebate so you pay $19.99 at checkout. So I had purchased two of those. My 8-port FS108 v2 switch (metal) had to bad ports and Netgear wanted me to give them $16.19 to $29.99 to RMA to have it replace under lifetime warranty. I said nah.. Office Depot had a better deal this week. Prices are good til 4/12 my printed ad from their web site. But the store prices were better!
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