Oh Atheros. New thread, old issue

By npahlavan
May 14, 2007
  1. BSOD with my NIC

    I have a D-link WDA-2320 wireless nic. Atheros chipset is AR5212. I keep getting a BSOD with this stupid thing. I have changed PCI slots and that allowed me to finally load windows xp. I used the default drivers that came with the device (a3b.sys). I tended to get the BSOD when donwloading larger files, but occasionally at random too. I then found a thread on the forums here:


    I installed the airlink driver that everyone on that thread said worked. I thought it worked for me too. However, i still get the BSOD!! It doesn't occur as often as before, but it still happens. It's still random too. Now the BSOD tells me I have an issue with N3b.sys (which is the airlink driver). I know it's my NIC that is causing this, and it seems like atheros chipsets are in most wireless nic's. I heard a rumor about atheros and xp not getting along. Anyone know of a driver that will work with my nic and xp?
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    After installing v3.3.0.150 my D-Link NIC has been working great. No BSOD's or connection droppings. Also getting an "excellent" connection speed. The drivers from v5.0.0.107 down to v4.2.0.82 caused my connection to drop every so often, or when heavy downloading. However, the v3.3.0.150 has worked flawlessly. I found this suggestion in an Atheros forum. Atheros is the chipset in many of the wireless NIC's out there, just so you know. Below is a link to the different Atheros driver sets. If you have a wireless NIC and it doesn't seem to work right with Windows XP try these drivers:


    Obviously make sure you have an Atheros chipset NIC. You can google it...
  3. npahlavan

    npahlavan TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 25


    I just realized that I end up anwering my own posts. I guess if I give myself enough time I don't need to post anymore, lol.

    Thanks for at least reading it and seeing if you knew the answer!
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