Oh, Old members can post here too?!?! :)

By SNGX1275
Apr 26, 2003
  1. After seeing this post: Hi, its me Phantazmm I got to thinking - yes this is mostly for new members but why can't old members re-introduce ourselves. There were some threads where we all did it back in the day but they may have been on the old board.

    Anyways here I go:
    Real name is David (go by Dave). I graduate here in a few days (May 2003) from University of Missouri-Rolla with a B.S. in Geology and Geophysics with an Emphasis area of Groundwater and Environmental Geochemistry. I'm currently looking for any type of a job related to that. Since its not looking good for a full time job I have applied (and expect to be accepted) to University of Missouri-Rolla to get a Masters in Engineering Management.
    First expierence with computers was a Commodore 64, I never did anything on it real productive other than playing with the print, poke, and goto commands. Although I did play a lot of games, wore out several joysticks. Next I moved to a Macintosh SE/30 while my dad was working on his Ph.D (thats what the comp was for), then we stuck loyal with Macintosh computers until I came to college (Fall 1998) then I bought my first PC. It was an HP P2 300Mhz (now before I get all the 'boo's it was a really good computer, its now my parents and performs beautifully with win2k on it). Then I built my computer that I have now: see profile for more details but its basically a 1Ghz T-Bird with 512Megs of RAM.
    I like to party a lot, drink a lot of beer - Budweiser almost exclusively unless its free. Poertner_1274 is another moderator here, him and I are both Sigma Nus from UMR. I moved out of our fraternity a year ago (no problems - just had the oppertunity and it was to my benefit). But we are still real good friends and we play soccer together quite a bit (both indoor and outdoor).
  2. Tarkus

    Tarkus TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 621

    Hi All,

    Heh, now I'm really an OLD member (30th HS Reunion coming up). I got into computers in the waning days of room-sized computers and Hollorith cards. I started working for Computerland in 1976 at the dawn of microprocessor, S-100 bus computers and the Apple II. I then went to work on computerized traffic controllers, worked at US Windpower, Northstar Computers and for the last 15 years work for a city maintaining their traffic systems.

    I started using the Internet in 1992 but never actually saw a reason to own a home computer till Windows 95 came out. Since then I've built around 25 systems, mostly for other people.

    I live in California. I used to backpack, skipack, crawl through caves and climb mountains when I was younger, now I have a family and just go camping. The kids are almost old enough to start backpacking.
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