ok im not a techie so this could get painful

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Jul 21, 2007
  1. ok, my pc is old, think its running a early p4, the 6600gt graphics card is in a brown slot lol

    and when i turn the system on i get no signal on my moniter...

    i get no bleeps,

    i have tried diff moniters, diff leads, checked power supply, fan working on card, and with my limited knowledge put the slave hd on as main to see if it does anthing... nothing

    oh and ive tried taking out card and using mother board moniter socket to see if i get anything....

    fan is turning on power and i can hear hd running

    power supply is only 550 but fans work on graphics card

    my COD skilld are dropping lol

    any help would be good, i could get new card but might as well get new system lol

    cant at mo so trying to fix....

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  3. hamijj

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    thanks i will

    oh i had the problem before where it would not come on then i woudl reboot and it would work then one day nothing at all..

    what does no bleeps at all mean, but hd making noise :)

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    well after reading through all the stuff, trying everything and even getting hold of a altiar g manual, i think its fair to say the boards gone, odd thing is ive come across 5 or 6 other people on various sites with same problem.

    witht the same board , mines 2004 and most of theres are about 4 yrs old... when the same thing happens.

    so i will post on another thread ideas for a replacement.

    this board runs my p4, and the agp slot

    what i would like is a newer board that could take my 6600 gt and my chip but when i can afford it, go to the next type of stuff as well, do they exist..

  5. hamijj

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    ok chaps new baord needed, what can i get

    well thanks to all your help, i now know my altair g mother board has died...

    the question is, ive a p4 chip and a agp 6600 gt 256 card ...

    can i get a newer board that will support these for now but when i want to spend some cash get a new dual chip and 8800 card. or am i trying to put a ps1 game into the ps3 lol...

    it would be a shame to have to spend out on a new machine as i only use it for gaming.... so what baord should i get that will allow me to expand . :)

  6. hamijj

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    Asrock 939Dual-SATA2 motherboard

    i was reading someone elses thread on another site and they were recommended this board, as it has agp and pic-e whatever that is,

    dont know if it takes p4 though..

    any other choices ... this is for gaming
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