Old equipment - new printer parallel to usb problems

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Jan 14, 2006
  1. I have some medical equipment that was purchased prior to USB only printers came out. I need to connect the parallel printer port on the computer equipment to the usb connection on the printer. What is the easiest method of doing this.
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    There is no cable adapter for what you want to do. What kind of computers are those? Can you insert add-in cards like PCI or PCMCIA?

    Your only option is a PCI or PCMCIA USB controller in the computer (and the operating system has to support it). Otherwise, get a printer with parallel connector.
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    Solution for Parallel2USB

    Here is the solution to what you are looking for



  5. ePaperSign Cana

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    LPT-to-USB adapter


    Your old system or legacy software don’t support a USB printer?
    We have a solution!

    ePaperSign Canada is happy to introduce a new device – LPT-to-USB adapter. The device enables a connection of a USB printer to the legacy parallel port.

    Please visit us at www.epapersigncanada.ca or call 416.684.4487(Toronto Canada)

    Best Regards,

    ePaperSign Canada
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    You have too good possible sollutions,but are you sure the printer
    doesn't have a choice of either.My HP 842C does.They recommend useing
    PS2 connection.I use an IEEE cable.
  7. ePaperSign Cana

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    Our device is programmed to "translate" from LPT to USB, so a printer doesn't require an LPT port. Further mor, our solution supports the legacy soft / system that cnnot talk to USB directly.
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