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Jul 23, 2006
  1. Hi I hope someone can help me with a problem I am having sorry for the long description but more info always helps right:) I purchased a new computer at a show a couple of months back after my old one died, The new computer has a SeaGate 200gb Sata HDD My old computer had a WestDigital 120gb IDE HDD the new board supports Sata so I purchased a IDE to Sata Device Bridge set the jumper to Master since I read Sata has no master/slave designation and restarted my computer I got into my BIOS and the HDD shows up as the Fourth IDE Master and my boot list has my orignal HDD listed to boot 1st. But the computer only gets to a black screen that tells me Disk boot failure install system disk and hit enter. Ok there is the story now here is the questions the old hdd has XP installed on it and so does the new hdd is this creating my problem? Also I am a computer novice at best most I know is from mistakes I make or things I read on this and other posts What disk will I need to install the new computer only came with a Recovery disk, but I do have the Windows XP disk from the old computer.

    Once again sorry for the long post and any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Jason
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    Yuor mistake is setting your old hard drive as master to boot from. Hard drives with OS's installed on them are NOT plug and play devices. when windows installs it creates the HAL ( Hardware Abstraction Layer) that is specific to the hardware on the machine that windows is being installed on. You cant take a hard drive that had windows installed on it from one chipset and then expect it to boot up when putinto a machine with a completely different chipset. if your goal is to retrieve data fromt he old hard drive then set the hard drive as slave on one of the IDE channels.
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    Thank you for the responce I have tried that and the computer takes over 3 mins to post and does not show up in my BIOS or on my system but when its set to Master it shows in BIOS but does not load to windows? I have also tried with the jumper set to CS and with no jumper at all but it only shows set to master.
    Once again thank you for the replies.
  4. wlknaack

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    Suggest you disconnect the IDE HDD, set the BIOS to boot to the SATA first, and boot up the system thereby confirming that it will boot to the SATA. Then shut down and reconnect the IDE HDD, jumpered as slave, and reboot. Upon reboot to the SATA, WinXP (SATA) should recognize the XP on the IDE and recreate the partition signature for the IDE such that it is no longer bootable, thereby removing any conflict between the two WinXP active partitions. You should then be able to recover that which you desire from the IDE, reformat, and have the IDE available for whatever use you decide. Hope this works for you.
  5. MowerMedic77

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    Sorry I have not posted back but I was able to get the HDD working I started from scratch I put the jumper on CS and this time it worked, really not sure why this time and not last? I was able to access everthing on my old HDD except one file but I was able to retake ownership in safemode. Thank you everyone for your time and information.
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    Also do not MIX SATA with IDE drives on the same system. XP gets confused from time to time and will default to OS writing on any IDE drive it finds.
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