old t-2798 emach. sys/new biostar mobo

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Oct 18, 2006
  1. events; friend has an emachine t-2798 toshiba 60gb hd. Mobo crashed. Ok,replaced with biostar p4m80-m4 mobo.Hooked it up,all gd. Set bios to defaults.have cd-rom to boot 1st. insert repair disc for emachine(since that is whats on hdd. Still wont boot after message reads xp re-installed .My ? is ,do I need to reformat hdd and start all over? I think I do, but I'd rather not..help
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    for sanity sake, I have convinced my amigo to spend 80 $1 dollar bills, and buy a new certified copy of xp2. reformatted hdd,installed disk,and 30 minutes later he is a happy owner of a emach. case biostar mobo, toshiba hdd,w/dvd player ,celeron d 2.6mgz,512mb 3200 ram ,internet ready pc. thanks to alll your posts and god giving me time to read a little.Still the place place for pc info around.. love this site. eightwpm.
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    Those emachine psu's are crap and kill mobo's!!!! He should have it replaced if it hasn't already been done!!!!
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    i replaced my t2542's im845gv with a biostar p4m80, you are going to have to buy a new copy of windows because a mb change is the biggest change for the e-machines restore disks to handle.
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