Old Win XP updates on computer

By BKW1944
Jan 11, 2005
  1. Can the older WinXP updates be removed from my hard drive without a problem? I have over 3 gig of updates. Please advise... Thank you!!! :knock:
  2. Nodsu

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    By "remove" you mean what? Where are those updates? In what form?
  3. Pegasus04

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    I have a 2002 XP Pro and without the updates it has become extremely vulnerable to virus/spam attacks: 5 secs after connecting to the Internet the browser is rendered useless. Even after formatting the pc, installing only the modem drivers and then trying.

    Installing anti spyware and antivirus residents I only achieved to replace the infection with a flood of warning/stop messages from this programs. The browser remained useless because of this (I tried Opera and IE). Haven't tried a firewall, 'cause I wasn't able to download one.

    Solved the problem manually downlading at work every friggin' security update I found at Microsoft's Download Center, burning them into a cd and installing them at home.

    Be careful if you do it, I would back up any critical data if I were you.

    Good luck! :giddy:
  4. BKW1944

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    Found info... thank you for your time

    Thank you to all that replied... I have found the formula to delete the old updates in Windows.
    thanks again :grinthumb
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