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I went from 4.45GHz all-core clock with with a 5600X and PBO2, to 4.65GHz all core with PBO2 + Curve Opimizer on X470 in CB15! 4.85GHz all core in games!

AIDA64 CPU cache and latency scores improved. CB15 score went from 1918 to 20019. CPU-Z ST 640 to 670 and MT 4800 to 5200.

Just from this video:

This literally took me 2mins to do versus the hours I tried on my own.

*If your Curve Optimizer menu doesn't have "AUTO" for core clock override like it does in the video, put 200MHz. Also, set core voltage to "AUTO" and LLC to "AUTO" (to start), and you have to ENABLE PBO wherever you see it in your BIOS. In mine it's in two places. I finally settled on the lowest level LLC to keep voltage low as it can. Final result is 1.408v max under load. Usually averages around 1.33v. 75C max under load. Games at usual temps of 40-60C.

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