Omg my computer fixed but can boot again either!!! Urgent!!!

By maniac_lonestar
Aug 30, 2006
  1. Ok well I fixed my Ntldr missing problem, but I also used system restore afterwards to restore something, and now (since the restore is probably currupted) I cant even load the computer. It keeps on rebooting and rebooting. Please help, what kind I do?

    Is there anyways I can cancel the restore on another computer using my hard drive adapter and other computer?
  2. Tmagic650

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    Is this Windows XP? If so, you can repair the entire install most of the time. Just boot off the XP disc and follow the on-screen messages. It will act like you are installing Windows fresh, but when you get to the screen where XP is asking you to install Windows on an existing partition, choose the repair option there. After the install completes, all your data and desktop should remain
  3. maniac_lonestar

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    holy crap good idea, but anyways my CD Rom Drive doesnt work, and if I use external on my laptop it wud not recognize.

    But what I did was use Vigilante's Ide Hard Drive adapter kit and system restore back to the previous date on another computer. It would say that the system wont restore, but I think that as long as you have system volume information (undeleted) you can restore on any computer even if it says that this hard drive doesnt belong on the computer.

    Edit: And thankyou for atleast trying to help but i FIXED it in a heartbeat, and I still thanks vigilante again!!!
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