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Onboard & external devices stop working after a few weeks

By Baby Huey
Apr 26, 2005
  1. Hey guys, I've got a really wierd problem here and I'm at a loss as to the cause/remedy.

    System Specs:
    ABIT NF-8 motherboard (latest bois)
    AMD Athlon64 3000+
    ATI 9800XT 256MB
    1GB Giel PC 3200 Ram
    WinXP (SP2)
    Antec 450W PSU
    Maxtor 160GB IDE
    Maxtor 60GB IDE
    2x Seagate 80GB SATA
    Thermaltake Tsunami case
    1 CDRW and 1 DVDR

    Recently the system totally died. I replaced the M/B,Processor and video card to the above specs trying to find out what was wrong. It ended up being the old PSU so I got the Antec. I got everything up and running and all was well for about a month.

    Then last night, the system started acting up again. I lost some of my USB devices, all sound and the DVDR. I used onboard sound so I tried my Plantronics USB headset...nada! When I go under control panel>sound>advanced, both devices are listed but they are greyed out. Here's the strange part. I have a Logitech Momo racing wheel connected via USB and I can calibrate it via WinXP, but it has no FF. It's almost like it's not getting power to the USB devices but I have a wireless USB mouse and keyboard and they are totally operational.

    Also, the sounds are completely gone in Windows and games. If I go to the sound icon on the taskbar, it shows 0 volume. But when I try to adjust it, it gives me a windows error stating the task could not be completed (I'll have to post the specifics when I get home). When I research it further, it says there's no driver listed. SO I reinstalled the Nforce drivers and the USB headset drivers...no change! BUT... I can go into Teamspeak and they can hear me talking, albeit very low volume since I can't turn on microphone boost and I can hear them perfectly (via onboard sound)!

    I haven't installed anything new in the last couple of days so I'm confused. My first guess was maybe a grounding issue with the MB but everything looks fine. My next focus was on a power spike, but I have a surge protector plugged into a UPS to clean the signal and they all checked out fine also. Anything would greatly be appreciated!
  2. vegasgmc

    vegasgmc TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,377

    The faulty PS could have damaged the hard drive or your Windows installation.
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