Onboard VGA and Connector Cable problem

By thinktank
Apr 8, 2006
  1. Hi,

    I want to reuse a previously junked machine that has Celeron 600Mhz processor on a Mercury KOB 810FST motherboard. This motherboard (AT) has on-board VGA with a 16-pin connector for it (see attached pic for more info). Sometime ago (like..2 years back), I did a stupid thing by incorrectly connecting the VGA adapter cable (or whatever u call the one that's fixed to the back of the cabinet for connecting to the monitor) to the on-board VGA connector, which burnt the whole cable. Luckily, this motherboard survived without damages (at least so far :haha: ).

    Now, I am trying to get this system working again without spending much. A friend got me a new VGA adaptor cable. Problem is... it has got only 15 holes instead of 16 for the 16 pins on the motherboard (see attached pic). How do I connect them?


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  2. Peddant

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  3. thinktank

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    Thanks peddant!
    Not at all. I have the exact thing with me now.. the problem is... (like the description on the page says)..
    "Pin 16 has a key block to prevent reversed connection".
    My motherboard VGA connector has 16 pins and I can't push the cable head over it as pin16 won't go in because it's blocked.

    Any solution to that?
  4. thinktank

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    btw, can any of you who have older AT boards with onboard VGA(not the ones that have the VGA port soldered to the board) tell me how many pins their VGA connector has.. 16 or 15? :confused:
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