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By Beam
Feb 21, 2006
  1. recently i lost my new pc due to an unforseen power accident involving a semi-truck.the truck caused a severe power surge in my neighbourhood and my new pc was fried in the process.i had to resort to a spare it's an old emachines w-series.i had to format it to get it to work.what i am having trouble with is the onboard video,i keep trying to reinstall the prosavage ddr drivers for the video but i get a message saying that i need to check the progress log in windows system directory.i downloaded the drivers from the emachines site so i thought that i would have no problems but i guess that i was wrong.there are a number of things that i can't do such as watch my dvd's with horrible compression or play any type of game without it jerking to death. so if anyone knows anything it would be a great help to a guy trying to get back onto his feet.
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