Once uninstall norton antivirus 2005 i lose internet

By james_k1988
Jan 13, 2005
  1. i recently got norton antivirus 2005 and i installed it and got it running but it wouldnt work, everytime i click on it it says "please restart before using" of somthing liek that, but no matter how many times i restart it keeps saying this, i also sometimes get a message "norton does not support the repair feature" so i decided 2 uninstall it but once i done this i lost my internet connection, so i had 2 use system restore to get it back, i have done this several times, does anyone know how to get rid of norton 2005 without loseing the inet connection? thanx
  2. gbhall

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    uninstalling norton

    Over several years, Norton products have been so cussed about not properly installing, and once installed not being properly removable, that Norton have actually been forced to create a number of special 'removal' tools for their own products. (Even these sometimes fail, so they have supplemented these with some very lengthy and complex instructions involving edits of the registry). It looks to me as if that is where you are going to have to go, so try searching the Norton site for things like 'manual uninstall, anti-virus 2005'

    Best of luck
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