One or more errors were fond in the index

By flygirl
Nov 17, 2007
  1. i am trying to install xp home and it keeps freezing in the same spot on the install. it freezes on the graphical part with "34" minutes left. so i ran a seagate (thats the brand of hd) hd test and it said "File Structure Test Result: Partition 1 NTFS (120 GB) Result: Failed with critical Errors The following errors were found while scanning the volume: - One or more errors were found in the index
    how can this be? i did a dban wipe before even attempting to install since the hd had been used before? the drive had been working before

  2. gbhall

    gbhall TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,431   +77

    can you use the Seagate utility to completely wipe the HD, and then do a low-level format? In other words, find some way to reset the HDD to factory condition by re-writing the track information.

    I suspect the drive already has a formatted partition, the partition is supposed to be NTFS but it is not written correctly. I suspect early versions of Linux NTFS formatters were not of the required standard (is that what the DBAN you mentioned is?)

    Failing a Seagate utility, put the HDD in another Windows XP machine as a slave and wipe any partitions from it.

    Remember XP install will partition and format the HDD if it finds a completely empty drive, and that is what you want. A slightly less likely situation is that the PC you are using requires bios drivers to access your 120Gb drive properly. In this event you need to install the bios drivers at an early stage in the XP setup, when you are asked by the Windows installer, you need to supply them from a floppy or CD
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