OnePlus looks to be preparing the launch of its first Android tablet


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Forward-looking: OnePlus is known for making some of the best Android phones around, and with the release of the Nord series, the company has effectively expanded to the budget to mid-range segment with a two-pronged strategy. Now, it's apparently pushing to the tablet market, according to a listing found on the European IP Office's website.

There have been rumors surrounding the launch of a OnePlus tablet for some time, although the company has never confirmed it. However, a listing found at the European Union Intellectual Property Office's (EUIPO) website suggests OnePlus is indeed planning to launch a tablet.

According to the trademark information, OnePlus filed an entry for a product named 'OnePlus Pad' on the July 1st. If the name isn't enough to make you believe this is a tablet, take a look at the 'Goods and services' segment found in this PDF (thanks 9to5Google). Considering the name and all the devices mentioned in this segment, a "tablet computer" seems the most likely.

If the OnePlus Pad is actually a tablet, it will be the company's first, and also a welcome alternative to a market mostly led by Apple. Brands such as Samsung, Amazon and Lenovo continue to launch new tablets, but their market share is far from reaching the heights of Apple's.

Other entrants include Realme, after CEO Madhav Max shared that the manufacturer is working on a new tablet called Realme Pad. Xiaomi and Oppo are also reportedly developing new tablets.

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It's been a while since we had a more read-friendly Android tablet on 3:2 or at least 16:10 I'd be to replace the iPad as the best magazine reader but this is an extremely unpopular screen ration nowadays for some reason.


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Finally. We really need some competition in the higher-end Android tablet space.

One of the most frustrating thing with my Galaxy Tab S7 is that it occasionally drops frames for a game that worked flawlessly on OnePlus 7 Pro. The latter had an older SoC, smaller ram, thermal headroom and similar resolution, with both locked at 60fps for the game. There really should be no reason for Galaxy Tab S7 to perform worse, but I wasn't able to tweak/bypass the software handicap even with their gaming center software turned max on performance. Meanwhile, their "Game Booster" keeps touting how much battery it has saved FFS...
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I was reading reviews Kobo Elipsa 10.3 yesterday - the tonality of it's monochrome images on photos looks superb ( no banding ) - so good for magazines and pdfs - but lacks colour - until colour ereaders have another few gens - I was thinking - what to use - don't want an Ipad - no SD card etc - maybe it's much easier to get stuff on your ipad nows - but why go there - Was going to dig out my Surface 5 Pro - I haven't used for awhile - sold my business - so need a PC when I out and about/plus covid made tourism mute - but apparently in the "Go" mode it's still not fully utilised - will try it out as a PDF/comic reader .
Actually with so much competition in the low powered cpus now happening - M1/google/NVidia/AMD/samsung/qualcomm/china good things will happen

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But what SoC? I hope it's not SD888. What is going on with 8CX? We need an M1 competitor. Next gen Exynos + RDNA2 GPU could be ok, but higher performing variant.

To me perfect tablets will have
11.5" 15:10 2700 x 1800 OLED 90Hz screen, but small 5mm bezels, zero bezels are not great in real use.


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Personally, I feel that OnePlus is losing their direction trying to push themselves into the premium pricing market and at the same time releasing all sorts of products trying to mimic their competitors. What made them popular back then, they are trying to shed that identity. Not to say that they should always remain as a budget brand, but as a budget brand, they tend to stand out from the crowd. I don't see them standing out of the crowd at the premium/ high end segment really. And now they are trying to move into the tablet market, which is great for consumers in a sense that we have more choice. But more choices don't equate to something people may buy unless it is super good and/or super good in value.


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I could do with a new tablet, the Huawei MediaPad I have is painfully slow. There are not many reasonable priced tablets on Android. Samsung is taking the mick with the price of there horribly UI's tablets.