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Ongoing Mysterious, Bizarre Problems!

By Legendiva ยท 5 replies
Jan 14, 2006
  1. Current System Configuration:

    Gigabyte GA-81955X Royal
    Pentium D 820 Dual Core CPU ( 2.8 Ghz )
    1 GB Dual Channel DDRII 667 RAM ( Samsung/matching )
    Samsung SATA II 300 160 GB Hard Drive
    Gigabyte GN-NX66256DP PCI Express 16 Video Card
    Internal LiteOn Dual-Layer DVD/R/DVDRW ( +/- )
    External TDK DED+440 Multi-format CDR/RW/DVDR/RW (+/- )
    Seasonic S12430 ( 430 Watt ) Power Supply
    New WinXP Pro 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 OEM
    ( Bought all this from the same vendor; all updates to Windows and BIOS done by vendor. )

    Current problem:

    Failure to boot from any Startup Mode selection: get WinXP Presentation screen and immediate, flash of Blue Screen Stop 0x00000078, shutsdown/reboots by itself ( will go on endlessly ).
    ( I had to video and freeze frames to see which error screen was being generated. )
    *Odd stop error. WinXP Pro SP2 is loaded; and I am not on a Network.
    *No beeps, seems to power up ok. PS tests out fine.
    *Hard Disk not listed on Post, but is listed in BIOS.

    This new system has never been able to be used at all. ( Built in October ). Was at Vendor again due to ongoing bizarre problems ( no one has been able to solve ). I did a brief testout while it was in the Server Room; seemed fine. Vendor did all packing and put it in my car. I connected monitor, keyboard and mouse, plugged in for initial test as soon as I got home with it. Immediate problems again ( as always ):

    1) Intermittent light on monitor, none on keyboard.
    ( checked for loose connections/reboot )
    2) Got 'OC Fail'. ( Weird: never overclocked! )
    3) Changed BIOS set to 'Load Fail Safe Defaults'
    4) OC Fail eliminated. No Hard Drive listed in Post or in BIOS. "Boot Failure. Boot from CD/DVD."
    5) Reset BIOS to 'Load Optimized Defaults'
    6) Hard Drive in BIOS, not listed on Post. Gets to WinXP Presentation Screen and Startup Mode Selection now; but immediately gets the Stop 0X00000078 screen, shuts off/reboots.

    ( I did initial build with Intel D945GNT mobo, and same config listed above. ( OS WinXP Pro SP2: had not done any updates at that point. ) Got immediate bizarre behavior (explain further down in post).
    Build was checked by Vendor I purchased all components from/no problems discovered. To save time and hassle, Vendor replaced RAM with same kind of RAM, replaced PS with same kind of PS, replaced mobo with the current Gigabyte. Vendor did the second build, and BIOS flash, OS install/updates, removed and installed same CPU.

    *When I got the second build home, it was immediate problems: some of the same problems, and some new ones.
    I checked logs: they were very weird
    ( alot of 'files not found', 'installation errors', 'installation fail' , 'initiation failures' type stuff. ) I found that the HD had not been FDISKED as I had asked: Drivers/Utilities from the Intel mobo were still on the HD. ( They had not done the FDISK, and had not done any checking, or attempted to load software. )
    *( This is why it was back again; to have the HD wiped, reload OS, testout OS and hardware. FDISK was done this time, but OS was not loaded from my CD. ) It came back with the current problems I mentioned above.

    None of us have been able to figure out if there was a hardware problem, hardware conflict, OS CD Corruption, and/or SP2 conflict.

    ****Bizarre ongoing problems with both the 1rst and 2nd Builds*****:

    Build 1:

    ( tried to load MS Office 2003, Paint Shop Pro 9, Norton Internet Security 2004, HP All-in-one Printer/Scanner/Copier ( latest XP drivers on CD ). )

    1) unable to shut down from menu, unable to log off; or could log off, but not shutdown ( holding power button a long time to be able to shut down; a few times, plug pulling required.

    2) No sound no matter what I tried ( used a temporary sound card for testing ).

    3) Could not load software or some drivers at all: or had a partial load, or unbelievably slow load ( like hours ), or total hang. Weird stuff like some software or drivers being greyed-out, getting installation failure errors from programs. Some would appear to load, but upon reboot, never showed up in Programs

    4) Not possible to get Email Function.

    5) Plug and Play not finding much of anything.

    6) Autorun either not working at all in either drive, or working sometimes; always incredibly slow.

    7) Floppy working/not working

    8) internal DVD working/not working; alot of intermittent type behavior. Etc etc etc.....)

    9) ScanDisk never running on a reboot.

    I am a Computer Consultant, have built quite a few systems. I PAID to have it diagnosed, because of the warranty issues involved. Vendor re-loaded Windows in order to test. I encountered the same problems when I got it back home. Vendor did 3rd install of Windows: no change.
    ( Hardware Replacements done at this point. )

    10) I PAID for Diagnostics and Windows installation a SECOND time; because of the warranty issue. They did BIOS flash, Windows updates. I wanted them to play around with peripherals and software installations, in order to see what was happening: they did not test any of this.

    2nd Build:

    11) could not install printer drivers/software
    12) could not install most other software or drivers I tried
    13) impossible to get email function
    14) autorun very slow to begin in both drives
    15) slow to open internet pages
    16) partial pixels in Taskbar ( various places: but all other display seems ok ).
    17) no ScanDisk function
    18) Plug and Play not fully functional

    All I have ever been able to do with this very expensive system is get Online!

    **( I felt that the WinXP CD was corrupt; and that there were SP2 conflicts with software and printer drivers.
    Very suspicious of some sort of hardware conflict or problem; could not clearly isolate however.
    I bought a new SATA HD from Vendor, and ordered WinXP Pro SP1; deciding to use it to avoid the potential of SP2 issues ( neither tested as of yet ).

    This has been going on since October, and I am at the end of my rope.
    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Peddant

    Peddant TS Rookie Posts: 1,446

    It`s either a software or a hardware problem or both.Hope that helps.:)
  3. Legendiva

    Legendiva TS Rookie Topic Starter

    We're on to something!

    I definitely agree with you.......( aiming canon at new system......)


    SCHUMIinSA TS Rookie Posts: 134

    Try to eliminate things. Like use a different hard drive in that system and see if the problems are still there, then motherboard, DVD rom, Power Supply etc.

    I think you get the picture try eliminating hardware by replacing it one by one with parts from another pc.

    If that does not work try starting you system with as little atached as possible, in other words use onboard graphics, no cd or dvd rom etc.

    Have you tried formatting, format the hard drive and re-install.
  5. Ruder

    Ruder TS Rookie Posts: 98

    Make sure you plug the HDD cable into the correct socket. Not all sockets on the mobo support SATA2 - use the 2 plugs below the last PCI socket at the bottom of the board.
  6. monton

    monton TS Booster Posts: 113

    Power supply issues

    Speaking of bizarre episodes.....

    A few years ago I lived in an apartment in a house that had every type of electrical wiring since houses were wired - all in use! Porcelin insulators with bare wire, cloth wrapped wire, romex, 2 wire, 3 wire, - you get the picture. Originally built in the late 1700s.

    I had a pentium 233 in an ECS mobo that was flakey as can be. I had the power checked and it maxed out at 105 volts. It would fluctuate with wind and demand and who knows what else. I complained to the power company and, eventually the issues were fixed and sure enough the computer became stable. I don't remember any details about the power supply but I'm certain it was a generic no name.

    Just a thought in the realm of the bizarre. Step back, take a deep breath, think outside the box.
    Sorry this isn't very helpful.
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