Ongoing Windows Media Player Issue

By th14arsenal
Feb 12, 2005
  1. I'm rather new here as you all can see. I'm having a nagging problem with WMP and hope that some potential diagnoses could come my way.

    Whenever I open video content either on my hard drive, or via the internet, I cannot view the screen of Media Player. The icon for Media Player appears on my taskbar but no screen pops up. I can hear audio to the content if any is present. This issue has been going on for close to two weeks now.

    The problem seemed to begin right after I closed a video clip approximately two weeks ago; it has been persisting ever since then. My video card drivers are well updated, as are XP patches and whatnot. I have even uninstalled Media Player twice, removing the program from the registry this past time. The same problem has continued after both installations. I can view most other video content via RealOne Player. And the WMP problem is not present with other media players.

    Any potential suggestions to alleviate this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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