ONIMUHSA 3 for PC- Failed to create direct 3 d device

By KillJah
Dec 7, 2005
  1. When I try to launch the game this happens. i don't know whats wrong. my pc should be able to run that game.
    Specs Celeron 1200mhz, 512SDRAM, desk-Elite-P6IPAT with last bios update, SB128PCI, WIn Xp with SP1, GF3 ti 200 64 DDR(forceware 81.95) although my Graphic card is weak, i am still able to launch almost every game (no BF2) and graphic on onimusha 3 is not so great fot higher spec, even in the minimum requirements there is listed 64 MB graphio card.Direct X 9 included with NFS:MW game. so if anyone knows the solution help me please
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