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Online multiplayer games

By giannantonio ยท 6 replies
Jul 8, 2006
  1. Hi there, did you ever own an online game? if you did just type the names of them and say a little description and a comment thanks :O

    heres my list (from the most to the least better)

    RuneScape (www.runescape.com)
    this is the best online multiplayer game wich i have ever played, its even in the top 5 multi player games of the world!!! the graphics are not that bad, and the game experience is awesome, more then 20 skills wich take more then 5 years to complete them all, 120+ quest wich are all different and lots more. i give a 9++ of a rating (1-10)

    Guild Wars (www.guildwars.com)
    this one is another good online game, its on the top 5 multi games, the graphics are nice and the game expierence is not to bad, there are a lot of combinations of races you can choose, and there are a lot of quests. the best thing is, is the cooperative adventure... i give a rating of 7 (1-10)

    World of warcraft (www.worldofwarcraft.com)
    i suppose u all know about this game here, it has like 5million player playing online and they all say that its the best game in the world, but i do not agree, this game didn't saddisfy me at all, i give them a 6-- (1-10)

    Everquest 2 (www.everquest.com)
    i never played this game...

    Diablo 2 online (www.blizzard.com)
    this game is a classic but player still play it... i give them a 10.. its the best that ever existed....

    anyway here are the highscores of the online games...

    1. World Of WarCraft Online
    2. RuneScape II
    3. Guild Wars prophecies
    4. Diablo 2 expansion online
    5. Ever quest 2 online

    if I could choose the best this would be my opinion...

    1. RuneScape II
    2. Guild Wars phropecies
    3. Diablo 2
    4. World of warcraft
    5. Everquest 2 online

    here are some pictures...



    diablo 2

    world of war.

    everquest 2
    enjoy :p
  2. Vigilante

    Vigilante TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,666

    Runescape blows. Like playing a badly drawn cartoon :)

    Have you ever tried Lineage II? If not you SHOULD.
    It is subscription based, like WOW, but there are a TON of free servers out there. You can get the client for free and join these public servers. I was sucked into it for a long time. It probably has more races, more quests, more items and more community then a lot of those other ones.
    Check out these free servers:

    I recommend getting on dragon network, because with one client you can connect to a bunch of different servers, including raven, which my friend runs.
    But other servers require their own edited clients, and so multiple installed of L2 client for each server.

    Lastly, the thing with these free servers is that they have different "rates" then the for-pay "official" game. Meaning, a free server might have "10x adena" and so you litterally make ten times MORE money then on the official game. This makes game play faster. Different free servers have different rates of course, so you find a setup that you like best.
  3. giannantonio

    giannantonio TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 50

    ok i'll try it :)
  4. noleson

    noleson TS Rookie

    You did forget FFXI. It's not like any other mmorpg out there, and i find it worth trying. I've been playing it for about a year now and find lots of enjoyment from it. compared to other mmos, you level up slowly, but you can change jobs when ever you want, and with 17 different jobs, you can find something for anyone's taste. graphics are great, and it's playable accross multiple platforms. Don't nock it till you try it.
  5. N3051M

    N3051M TS Evangelist Posts: 2,115

    There's Conquer Online.. Easy interface, easy to play lots of servers, quests to do, fills the time.. can even run pretty decent if you're on dailup internet

    probably not the best out there, and definately not the worst but hey, its a free mmorpg :D

    If you do drop by, i'm somewhere on the crystal server..
  6. Stefchu (PoLsKa

    Stefchu (PoLsKa TS Rookie Posts: 99


    I think all of those are good, but I recommend you try "MU". Its a 3-D online game with many weapons and strategies to choose from, not to mention worlds. Lots of quests to choose from and graphics that are way better than Runescape. "MU" is worth a try.
    Do not geet fooled by the name, the whole of "MU" is like World of warcraft but not like runescape.

    You should also maybe try Tibia at tibia.com i dont really like the game but maybe you will.

    "Tibia" and "MU" are all free MMORPG's but you can become a tibia member for some money to get more things
  7. Nut Dreads

    Nut Dreads TS Rookie

    Never Buy WoW

    Now I was reading a couple oild posts about WoW and I just have to get my say. Do not get it. I can say by personal experience now to get it. I bought the game a few years after it came out with the expansion when my friend showed it to me at his house and started talking about it with some buddies of mine. I played this one game more then ive ever played any other game. I had a lvl 70 human warrior and so many other characters that i can not count. It is the most obsessive game ever created. I played for hours every single day and still got no where in the game. Don't l;isten to anyone else because you really dont start the game until you reach the lvl cap. You become obsessed with creating the best character for pvp or pve and trying to find the best class/race combination....it kills you. And some of the many cons to the game is constant crashes. I cant tell you how many times ive had to reset my comp due to the constant lagg of the game (and no its not my comp). Many dumb glitches that people do and its annying as hell. Not to mention that 99% of the people who do play this game is just a little kid who spams crap all the time. Very few cool and mature people play it and it drives you crazy not being able to have a normal conversation with anyone. So many dungeons and instances it drives you crazy. Some of the higher lvl ones can take 5+ hours and i kid you not. Its unbelieveable how much time it takes out of your day. 1 second you look at the clock its 1:00pm and the next its 3:00am. I know what im talking about ive gone through it. I stopped playing when i got an xbox 360 which is soooooooo much better now that i can still play with friends but without devoting hours and hours of my day to it. You dont have to get involved in a 10 hour raid. Do not get WoW unless you completely have no life for it will take all of your time if you do. And i wasnt 30 years old when i played this game i was 14 and it was mind numbing. Dont buy it, its that simple.
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