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onstream d30 tape backup

By nish in exile
Aug 11, 2003
  1. am running this unit on a dell poweredge server, 700mghz,256 MB RAM-the unit is on the IDE channel,secondary master-the problem is I am having difficulty in tracking down the w2k drivers...the onstream site seems to be down every time i try to access it,of course,and ms talks all around the subject but never seems to hit on it directly-offers advice on what to do when the tapes(adr) are not recognized,stuff like that.
    what i want and need are the appropriate drivers-current-so i can get this puppy up and running.
    the users are starting to get a little p-o'ed at me because i am rebooting the server often-trying various combinations of drivers.
    this is a vital piece in the network,as i am backing up mission critical data from the database-it changes every day.
    please don't tell me to get another unit or to replace it with a or b or whatever-this is a non-profit org and there simply is no money available to spend on hardware-it took me three years to talk them into the server.
  2. Dantrag

    Dantrag TS Enthusiast Posts: 127

    can you give me the product name type,...
  3. nish in exile

    nish in exile TS Rookie Topic Starter

    well,i found some drivers that were from the Onstream site. went into CMOS and put the onstream tape drive as master primary,the cdrom as master seccondary (using 2 scsi drives)(these setting were not enabled)...booted up windows and wow! it found the onstream...cool. loaded the echo software and rebooted
    blue screen of death.
    not able to boot normally/not able to boot into safe mode/administrator password not recognized in rconsole/tried the automatic-fast option and ...it was able to access the disk and also able to access the folders...but recovery failed-blue screen again...i work as a computer tech,so i took it into the shop and left it there. it has become tomorrows problem.
    what do you think happened-how did kernal.exe become corrupted?
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