Ooooh, a *VERY* interesting Ultimate multimedia system!

By Gluegun
Mar 5, 2003
  1. Woohoo!

    My favorite commercial type people are coming out with some kewl multimedia speakers. The company Onix is making some Speakers under their product line "Rocket" to be distributed by "". If you haven't heard of any of these, you should go check out These Rockets are *extremely* popular in many home theater nut areas. Anyway, like I said, they are coming out with some 2.0 multimedia speakers. Here is the quote in question:

    "Rocket MultiMedia!

    This one is a LATE 2003/early 2004 product
    Here are some PRELIMINARY specs:
    5.25" woofer + 2" treated paper high bandwidth hybrid mid-tweeter
    Sealed box with a unique passive radiator firing out the bottom of the cabinet.
    It will utilize a new all digital amp...100w for the woofer and 50w for the tweeter. Is it overkill for a speaker this size? Yes. I don't think any of you will mind though
    Headphone Jack!
    USB interface with programmable EQ!
    Satin black (similar to the underside of the Risers)"

    And here is the thread in question from which I got the quote:

    Of course, this is a 2.0 sealed passive radiator system... I asked a *bunch* of questions in the thread, and they don't know the answers yet, it seems, mostly because they aren't really designed yet, lol..! So if you all want to know more or ask about features or whatnot, why not go check out that thread?

    And, well, maybe they aren't the "end-all"; Onix can always come out with a 5.1 system!

    BTW, here is the existing, home-theater lineup of Rocket Loudspeakers:

    P.S. I am not affiliated with any of these companies; I am merely an overzealous fan, lol!
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