Build a PC Open a Toshiba Satellite 2435

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I removed the battery, CD/DVD, and CPU/Heatsink, along with all the screws on the bottom and back of the laptop but I still can't completely lift the top of the unit containing the keyboard and touchpad. It appears to be fastened somewhere in the middle of the unit but I can't find any other screws.

Does anyone have any advice? I need to replace the motherboard because the charger housing broke when the unit was dropped while charging.

I appreciate any guidance. A Toshiba repair facility said it would cost more to repair this unit than replace it so I'd like to go ahead and complete my dissection of it. (Funny - they wouldn't share the Toshiba repair manual with me either.) From now on I won't buy a laptop that doesn't have a repair manual.



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I'm not very familiar with Toshibas but I can say that with a lot of laptops these days, you don't even have to take screws out of the bottom to get the keyboard off.

Of course you would because you'll eventually replace the mobo, but anyways.

Laptops usually have a "cover", if you will, just at the base of the LCD and above the keyboard. Like a bar with all the buttons and so forth on it. If you follow the grooves closely you might see that it wraps down the sides (or not), and/or wraps over the LCD hinges. This piece, if it doesn't look attached to the main body, is usually pried off, revealing the screws to take the keyboard out.

The trick to laptops is the grooves man, the grooves! I find that the process revolves around removing this top plate, removing the keyboard, removing screws and removing the LCD. And of course unplugging the various cables to each.
Some keyboards have the screws on the bottom marked such as "K" for "keyboard" on some systems.

If it really seems like there is just "one" screw holding the keyboard in the "middle", then check the bottom again, if there is any removable piece like a cover, etc, check for a screw there.
Also there can be screws hidden under little rubber "knobs". Not necessarily the "feet" of the laptop. But I know on some systems right in the front middle there is a little rubber "plug" that hides a screw. You could check for that.

Lastly, on the front panel thing I was talking about, it is sometimes held also with screws that are in the back, as in, where the plugs are. Removing those allow this cover to be pried off. A lot of these covers are held only by "tabs" or "clips" in the plastic, so a little prying is almost necessary. But only if your 90% sure it should be pried, based on the grooves and close inspection of screw locations :)

Well based on some pictures I found, I think there is some kind of strip at the top that comes off. The LCD hinge covers come off, and the LCD has to be lifted out.

But anyways, there is Laptops 101. Hope it gets you anywhere. A few closeup pictures would be helpful if you can but otherwise...

good luck!
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