open .msg files with Notepad

By gbhall
Mar 7, 2007
  1. I have PC's with Win98 and MS office 2000 installed. At the moment .msg files are associated with Outlook 2000, yet outlook 2000 is not installed. Changing the association in Explorer/tools/folder options to Notepad.exe has made no difference.

    Clearly, Office has a completely non-standard way of association for .msg files and I need to stop this rubbish. Another package, RelayFax has some .msg files designed to be read in windows default (=Notepad, I assume).

    So how do I stab a non-installed outlook with a stake throught the heart?
  2. Sjbrand99

    Sjbrand99 Banned Posts: 260

    Try, going to the file, Right click > Open With > Choose program, then get the notepad selected, then check the box "Always open with this kind of file" or something like that.

    Hopefully this should also change the icons for all .msg files to a notepad icon!
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