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Opera users create 1001 Widgets

By Julio Franco
Mar 6, 2007
  1. Oslo, Norway - March 6, 2007 - Opera Software today announced another Widget milestone with the release of the 1001st Widget on widgets.opera.com. Opera users have created more than 1001 Widgets since the launch of Opera 9 last year.

    Widgets are small and powerful Web applications that add unique and convenient functionality to browsing with Opera. Widgets improve and personalize the user's browsing experience, resulting in increased interest and usage for these powerful content sharing tools.

    The 1001st Widget on widgets.opera.com was "The Visitors" Widget. Created by dantesoft, an active and long-time member of the My Opera community, this Widget uses site analytics from Hitslink to create visitor maps that bloggers can post on their sites.

    "Widgets are a community-driven, grassroots movement," said Tatsuki Tomita, vice president of Opera Mini for Opera Software. "Hundreds of Web developers, like dantesoft, create Opera Widgets to showcase their skills at building fun, addictive and useful applications. By creating an Opera Widget, their work will be seen not only by those with PCs, but anyone running an Opera-powered device such as a mobile phone or even a TV."

    Widgets mark a dramatic democratization in Web application development. Now Opera users, partners and customers can turn to developers to create the applications that interest them and their friends. This user-driven approach to application development and selection leads to increased customer retention and brand loyalty.

    "Widgets are the first true ubiquitous development framework", continued Tomita. "Instead of coding for a specific platform, developers now code for the Web. A Widget written for the PC is easily ported to the mobile phone, or any platform with an Opera browser. In the future, the most popular application on your phone may have been written for your TV."
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