Ophaned files after SATA HD reshuffle

By Klank
Oct 30, 2005
  1. I have recently run into problems after having to swap out a faulty Mother borard.

    Firstly because i swaped out the faulty mb (asas a8n-sli delux - replaced with same) windows got a bit confused, lots of programs wouldn't work properly and was missing windows activation files.

    So i decided to do a repair windows instalation. unfortunatly duing the mb swap my SATA drives got reconected in a diferent order (running 4 SATA) and on start up i was greeted with a ling list of orphand files that were being relocated. once i was into windows i realised my mistake but it was too late and when i went to inspect the drive it was no longer showing in my computer. the drive was visible in computer management / storage, but the disk is now reading as unformated and inaccessable, and showing as RAW

    well windows was better after the repair but still glitchy so i opted to do a fresh install. Once i had done that i thought i would re configer my primary hard drive, changing the number of partitions from 4 to 3. Because of previous problems i did this fresh install and partition re shuffle with just the primary drive conected to the MB.

    All was fine untill i conected the fist SATA back up and booted to face the same orphaned file list scroling for quater of an hour. Once into windows the drive is acessable and all the folders and files are there ( mp3's Jpegs and avi ) but none of them work. I'm presuming that this has happened because the drive letter has changed? i know that it seems silly to have done this but i thought it would be ok as it is a storage drive and no program files that are dependant on a path were stored on the drive.

    Can anyone help? i need to salvage the data and i don't want to plug any other drive in till i can sort it out. I think i may be able to get some files from the RAW drive using Recover my files (the demo sees the drive and the files,
    hopully salvagable with the licenced version)

    Geatfull for any advice, Klank
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