Opinions on Maxtor OneTouch 4 external hard drive

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I've just purchased this 500gb external hard drive for £70. It seemed a good deal for the money. I wanted an external hard drive to store all my digital photos as I have hundreds of them and they are taking up too much space on my laptop.

Anyone used one of these and do you think its a good buy for the money?


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Having a backup plan AND actually backing up data is always a good thing. If you think the price is fair then it was a good buy. I buy my own enclosures and regular internal drives to put in them, this works out well, except the enclosures I buy don't come with any backup software.


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nice size, fast. ?software.

hi - i just encouraged my father to get one of these.
i had gotten him a coolermaster enclosure and we had put an old hard drive in it, and he had begun backing up regularly with this.
but we were just going to address some other computer problems the other day, and i insisted he backup again before we start - well ,the old hard drive had gotten messed up, so it wouldn't work as external drive. when plugged in as internal, errors prompted windows to scan the drive, and it found some bad sectors.

so, we ran out to the store to replace the hard drive in this enclosure.

the onetouch was so inexpensive, relative to getting another bare drive for the enclosure, we opted to get the onetouch.

we did not load the provided software at all.

his backup strategy is to simply copy one file (with extensive subdirectories) onto the external drive, and to leapfrog backups. if his comp dies, we will simply load windows again, load software, and load the backed-up data.

the onetouch was easy to set up, was instantly recognized, and took a backup copy of his data files very quickly. with usb power, it is easier than the enclosure, which needed a wall wart. things need to be simple for the older generations, so this is good.
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