Opteron 165 vs 170

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Oct 21, 2006
  1. Hello, an opteron 165 costs 30bucks less than a 170, an it will be the same after the price cut.
    But im wondering how important is the 10x multiplier for OC, how much overclock would I get with the 165 and the 170? is there any difference?
    I actually got a good mobo, DFI LAN PARTY UT NF4 ULTRA-D and my memories are 2x512 BH5 EL DDR400@500, would I have problems with the divider if a get, for example 2.8ghz (311x9), cause my memories can get only 250?
    And would the mother board resist these fsb?
    So..does it worth to spend 30bucks more, for 200mhz on stock an a 10x multi?
    and how much overclocks each normally each processor?
    how much does the 10x multi helps? Worth it? would'nt be my mother board at (4 example) 330x9?


    PS: I was wondering that it would be the same thing:
    Real memory speed (RMS) = d / ((a x b)=c) ; :simplifying

    VRM = d / c


    a) result of ratio del HTT/Memo.
    b) Multy of the processor.
    c) Result aproximated to the higher n a x b.
    d) Mhzs of the procesor

    200:200 = 1:1 = 1
    200:166 = 6:5 = 1,2
    200:133 = 3:2 = 1,5
    Sopusing I get 3000 with both processor.

    Opteron 165: 333*9=2997mhz

    I shall use a 200:150 divider (my mother board has it, didnt ya?

    3000/ (1,333x9 )=12 =250mhz (the maximal oc of my memories

    Use a 200:166 divider
    Opteron 170: 300x10=3000

    was I clear enaugh?
    And if the processor reachs, for example 2.7ghz....
    with the 165 I shall use a 200:166 divider to get 245mhz..(fast the limit of my memory)
    and with the 170 a 200:180, so it would be exactly the same, except from the big FSB I would need with the 165.

    if ....but the only question I have, is that I wouldnt have problems with the HTT that would be too high...would the mobo resist 333 fsb without problem? (if the opteron reaches 3.0ghz...I think they could get 2.7/2.8)
  2. Bazikstano

    Bazikstano TS Rookie Topic Starter

    nobody? =(
  3. Bazikstano

    Bazikstano TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Nop it seems to be that no one wants to help this newmember =(
  4. naisan

    naisan TS Rookie

    dude, you lost me at:

    Real memory speed (RMS) = d / ((a x b)=c) ; :simplifying

    at which point I figured:
    a) you know what you're talking about - OR-
    b) I haven't got the brainpower to help you anyways

  5. Bazikstano

    Bazikstano TS Rookie Topic Starter

    c)No one xD.
    This equation works...try it..xD
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