Optical Drive being recognized as a Floppy Drive !

By Thujone
Nov 29, 2004
  1. I just built a nice little powerhouse for my girlfriend. It's all up and running great, but I ran into a strange snag along the way.

    First of all I'm using the new 915 Intel board (not sure the exact number ATM, but it is Intel brand) with a PCI Express, LGA775 chipset.

    I currently have one 36.7 GB WD Raptor on a SATA connection. The only optical drive is a CD/DVD +/- RW combo on it's own (and only) IDE channel. I opened up the BIOS on first boot, and noticed that even though the correct model number showed up in the Drive Options, it was displayed as being a Floppy Drive!

    Confused, I switched the jumper setting.... still no change. Switched to the last jumper setting.. tried removing the jumper completely, nope ! OK, so I decide I'll set the jumper back to the Master position and let Windows try to sort it out.

    I install windows off my USB DVD-drive. Flawless install, but even in Windows it displays a Floppy Drive! There is no Floppy drive connected. I then proceed to close the case and barf all over the damn thing out of pure frustration. puke:

    I'm freakin out here! I've built several computers and worked on countless others and have NEVER EVER seen anything like this. Granted, the RAID thing is new to me, and I'm guessing it probably has something to do with that.
  2. Liquidlen

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    Welcome to Techspot !

    I know you are experienced ,but sometimes the simple stuff.
    Given the newness of this architecture I would lean towards the necessity of a bios file update.
    Since the bios sees it as a floppy but has the correct Model and I take you loaded Windows from it, it obviously works.
    Does your Bios settings allow you to manually chose the drive type and DMA etc.If yes
    Disable all IDE channels not in use. and turn off 'auto configure '
    Check the web site and tech support there could be a bug fix in the works.
    Let us know how far you get.

    P.S. Sorry missed you loaded from USB,However if the drive can read media etc. my point is the same.
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