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Sep 19, 2006
  1. I am working off the Biostar K8M800-M7A (socket 754).

    My currently installed XP Pro will either give me a variety of BSODs, or will allow me to log on only for it to log off immediately, no message displayed.

    I have tried tweaking and resetting BIOS settings, to no avail. The only no major hardware/software changes that I know of that might affect this are some overclocking tests--set clock to 207 MHz which previously worked, p95'd for 10 hours with no errors.
  2. gbhall

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    Best site for solution

    This site has been tackling problems like this for years, you should use the site search for 'boot failure' and similar.

    We have real experts able to decipher minidumps which should have been stored when Windows failed. Search for 'minidump' for info on what they are, where they are, and so on.

    Have you tried the standard 'fail to boot' procedures built into windows ? Search for 'system restore', 'safe mode startup' and so on.

    How long has XP pro worked in your current PC environment - you give no indication of whether this is a sudden failure or follows a change of mobo, which certainly would screw up windows....
  3. Turkk

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    I've had this motherboard for about a month now, and I've installed on two different hard drives, each with complete reformats. It usually works for about a week, two tops, then the OS starts presenting issues--BSODs, can't find .dll's, etc. Essentially it would almost seem as if it finds a way to malfunction every time it boots from the OS, there's about 5-7 different kinds of errors it'll give me, in no particular pattern.

    This is a low end motherboard, so it's hard to tell if getting a better one (which would have to be a socket better than 754) would alleviate the issues or not.

    So really, what's happening is I have to reformat and reinstall (luckily, among three separate hard disks) every time these problems arise. Next time around I'm going to try not overclocking at all, since it seems the problems weren't as abundant when I didn't attempt to. I was also given a suggestion that perhaps the O/Cing screwed up the PCI bus speeds and corrupted the hard disk(s), but I'll find out the results of that soon enough.

    I'll have a hold of Vista RC1 soon, I know it's probably not much better due to limited software + hardware capability, but it's worth a shot.
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    you are a masochist !

    You are telling yourself what the problem is, if you read your own post ! You probably partly wrecked either your motherboard or your CPU by overclocking.....

    Your suggestion to try Vista is just plain silly. If XP pro wont work, there is NO CHANCE vista will.
  5. Turkk

    Turkk TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Vista RC1 works without a problem, boots every time. Can't game much on it since ATI's drivers still don't support opengl, but it's at least stable.
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