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OS not working.

By chino3pr
Nov 25, 2006
  1. WHen i turn on my computer is starts off with the windows loading. Then a blue screen flashes and it just goes back to the same cycle. This never leads me to the main page. I called toshiba and they told me to reboot the laptop which will erase everything. So before rebooting i tried to recover my files. I tooks out my laptop's hard drive and placed it in a HD enclosure kit. I connected the hd enclosure kit to another laptop but it does not allow me to access the My Documents file of my laptop. A message of not accessible appears. The computer says the folder is empty but its not possible because i have alot of documents and files in it. I need these files for school work.

    Sorry if i confused you but i need serious help. Some please help me. ASAP Thanks

    PS: I will erase my hard drive and reinstall everything once i am able to get my old files, but i need access to my document files.
  2. just_a_nobody

    just_a_nobody TS Rookie Posts: 182

    What operating systems are involved here? If you are trying to read a XP hard drive on a Win98 machine, and that hard drive is formatted in NTFS, it will not read it.

    When you got the blue screen, did it show an error message, or just reboot? If it just rebooted, then start it in Safe Mode, and go into Control Panel/System/Advanced Tab/then in the Startup and Recovery portion, click on Settings, and remove the checkmark, from Automatically Restart. Now, when you rebbot your computer, instaed of just rebooting, you should get an error message, write down what that error message says and repost it here.
  3. chino3pr

    chino3pr TS Rookie Topic Starter

    my laptop that i am using right now is running on home edition. The laptop hard drive that i have trouble accessing is running on professional. I tried safe mode, last known, etc... I still does not work. The blue screen flashes to quick to see what the message is.
  4. radiohead

    radiohead TS Rookie

    Just in case you have trouble getting into Safe Mode its usually pressing F8 that will give you the option.

    You can start tapping it as soon as your machine starts but on some BIOS' that will bring up a dialog asking which device you want to boot from. Choose the hard disk and then keep pressing F8 again. You should have the option for a variety of different modes then.

    You should be able to turn off automatic reboot from here as well... so if its resetting because of a Blue Screen error, you'll get to see it and write down what it says.
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